Europan 7 Slovenia

Project     Europan 7 – Suburban Challenge
Content   Mediterranean Lifestyle
Type         International competition – 1st prize
Location  Izola – Slovenia
Authors   Ana Cankar, Mojca Gužič Trplan
Year         2006

The site is a part of so called natural amphitheatre descending in terraces towards the historical city centre of Izola. The main idea, based on the Mediterranean lifestyle, arises from the structural plan of the old city centre Izola, not as a duplication of the map, but as a transfer of living quality of Mediterranean cities, where strong connection between private and intermediate open spaces can be felt. Public space is interpolated among private houses. Due to residents are able to contribute to the social interactions and urban intensity. Articulating new polarities!

The second idea is based on the existent landscape. The orthogonal site net is disturbed by the curved narrow track of the former railway. The shape of the track is expanded into the public landscape building which takes benefit from the difference in height of the site terraces. Result is a curved form gradually rising from the ground towards the sea. Thanks to the green atriums and skylights the interior has natural light and is connected with roof through several elevators. Long curved pier on the roof is ending with a spectacular view of the sea.

The program of the concept is based on the urban intensity that assures the mixture of activities in short distances. The proposal is composed of flexible dwelling units (social dwellings, student’s flats, tourist’s apartments) in form of a netlike triangle divided by the landscape building in which two faculties, library and cultural centre are incorporated. Thanks to the private interior atriums and moving window technology, dwellings can be quickly transformed according to the evolution of the family living in it, a succession of different occupants and changes of resident’s needs. Police station, elementary school and sport centre with playgrounds are planned on the orthogonal grid, separated by the existing road.

Europan 7 Sloveniaanacankar