Europan 8 Netherland

Project     Europan 8 – European Urbanity
Content   Generic Structure
Type         International competition
Location  Dortrecht – Netherlands
Authors   Ana Cankar, Miha Novak, KinD Arhitekt.
Year         2005

The concept proposes the generic structure enabling the diversity of urban situations and multi-functionality. Further, it can be developed by stages and modificated according to the specific situations. Proposed formation consists of artificial landscape and self-supportive street loft. Green landscape overgrowing commercial and public areas enables arbitrary incorporation of public programs and mixture of activities. Street loft is a “spine” of attached housing units, thus, forming rigid structure which grows regarding resident’s way of living and different utilizations.

Outline of the intervention area is processed by outside parameters, but inner space also co-relates with social aspects. Spatial entities attract certain groups of people and affecting on character of built mass. The result is various entity zones. The proposed organization of the built mass (units and supportive infra-structure / street loft) can be easily adapted to unexpected incoming residents and their way of living. People can choose from unlimited variations of dwellings, not only with various floor plan solutions but with different options of position, view, orientation, or even a neighbour because the units can be shifted, shared, added or even attached. Each unit can be wrapped in different façade material.

The solution is based on the same principles as the city is growing. Steel frame structure is set by vertical shafts and horizontal connections which can be extended to both directions. Steel cells are sequentially connected to the main frame. As better natural and artificial parameters are as better density growth is. Regardless the intervention area, the “generic organism” can grow beyond limits. Processing the basic program by linear grouping and merging it by connectivity, the result is a street character loft with built mass. The diversity of scenarios is enhanced by generic structure deformation to local parameters.

Europan 8 Netherlandanacankar