New Generation Hotel

Project     New Generation Hotel
Content   Hotel Prototype
Type         International competition – honorable mention
Location  Ruichang – China
Authors   Ana Cankar, Olga Bombač
Year         2015

The Flower Ocean is a project of new urbanisation with the world’s largest flower themed park located in China. Therefore, flower theme is our inspiration for overall hotel design.  Abstract flower texture is part of landscape pattern, terrace composition and the main element for the façade formation. Contemporary pattern is creating mystic and spiritual symbol of Chinese culture.

The façade panels are made from local material, white ceramic tails, which characterizes Chinese tradition with upgrade of contemporary design. The façade is interactive and based on solar cells which are tracing sun light. Panels with solar cells are electronically controlled and are moving according to the sun in order to catch the optimal sun energy. Due to sky orientation and amount of sun light, the flowers are opening and closing.

The proposal for new generation hotel generates time factor in all the aspects, from flexible layout and façade formation to landscape design and energy solutions. First floor is designed with flexible layout that can be modified according to the specific situations and future demands. By establishing various adaptable scenarios, the space is open for modifications from a hotel restaurant to larger family events, weddings, workshops or cultural and congress activities. The glass façade can be opened and the event can expand to the urban park. The nature is passing through the hotel and structural columns, that are representing trees, are part of this idea. Moreover, exterior landscape through green cuts enters inside the hotel and creates diverse interior ambient.

New Generation Hotelanacankar