Venice Lagoon Park

Project      Venice Lagoon Park
Content    Paraphrase of Utopian City
Type          International competition
Location   Murano Island – Italy
Authors    Ana Cankar, Matevž Granda
Year          2007

Venice, one of the most desirable tourist destinations, creates an image of a perfect city with unique water infrastructure. Everybody wants to see it and experience its special environment. For this reason many imitations have been made. At this point image becomes a reality that follows a strategy of disneyisation. Proposed imaginary city is a paraphrase of perfection, a paraphrase of utopian city. All desirable layers are incorporated: old town as a perfect urban space, water channels as a unique infrastructure, amusement areas and digital display for promotion.

Crossing Murano by flying gives you the first impression of the imaginary city. Our proposal arises from a brand development based on image and local trash recycling. Big digital screen appears as a new type of media where companies or individuals can display their messages. Sponsorship enables trash recycling in order to make prototypes and urban park. Material from channels excavation is used for building various levels of artificial platforms. Such archipelago landscape enables water channels as the main transportation. Glass-made waste is used for prototypes formation. The whole process is supported by sponsorship and companies advertising on digital display.

The new lagoon park contains entertainment activities, various cultural and sport events, educational programs and temporal apartments. For these reasons it is represented as an amusement park to attract foreign and local visitors with intention of education about the region and to have fun. This kind of tourism is going to increase the economy and bring money for the local activities and new jobs (recycling tourism). The idea of lagoon prototypes is based on preserving rubbish dump in a form of a waste recycling park. After bringing construction and glass-made waste to the dump the prototypes production starts.

Venice Lagoon Parkanacankar