Helsinki vision 2050

Project     Helsinki vision 2050
Content   HelsinKEY – Information code
Type         International competition
Location  Helsinki – Finland
Authors   Ana Cankar, Matevž Granda, A. Begulić
Year         2007

Urban system is based on two main categories: physical appearance and hidden inner processes. Processes that are generating physical entities produce heterogeneous and fixed realities without any further possible modifications and evolutions. How to control inner process with creating a map that permits unexpected movements, potential dynamics and genetic transformations? Inner process is complex set of functions responding to surrounding conditions. Control of this process enables control of urban structure. We developed a tool for territorial and urban planning.

We introduced a grid, which is not defined as geometrical order, but it is data image. Its base element is information code. It contains the “genetic” instructions used for development and functioning of all urban structures. Agents involved are: economic, political and public interests, population density, immigration flows, programmatic plots, traffic, prices of real state, geological data, climate, distances to other cities, etc. Each new input data produce a new model of organization and shows potential relationships among elements. Through selection of data each one can simulate possible movements. Local citizen or global company can see where are potential locations to build, to buy or to live.

In the long run the operative system is collecting data in matrix of information codes. Incomplete map of Helsinki becomes an interactive map capable of articulating networks, assimilating inner processes and restructuration urban- territorial space. Information code, that is collecting data in an interactive way, is sensible to surrounding conditions, transformed by prior situations. It can assimilate groups of predictable relations among involved entities. Information code is a base for a new city formation.

Helsinki vision 2050anacankar