Hotel Complex Bih

Project     Hotel Complex Jan
Content   Hotel complex with Spa resort
Type         Invited competition – 1st prize
Location  Šipovo – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Authors   Ana Cankar, Miha Novak, D. D. Radič
Year         2008

The hotel complex location, an area of 20.260 m2, is positioned inside a unique landscape with a delta river, waterfalls and forest. Due to fragmented land among river streams, the landscape is designed in the shape of pentagram islands. The nature preservation and its integration is the main concept for the hotel formation. Building volumes are divided due to views to the nature and the facade is wrapped with timber material which lines imitate forest shapes. The program supports congress / relax tourism and contains 4 star hotel with 174 beds, congress hall and wellness centre.

The landscape islands are connected with small bridges that lead to areas with bungalows, recreation fields, chill out lounge, sunny beaches and urban park. The whole complex is organized in a way that ensures maximum functionality where each unit can work independently and prevents interference in communication paths among hotel guests, visitors and employees. The main service area with delivery and parking is located in the basement. Parking for the hotel guests and visitors is arranged nearby to avoid traffic inside the complex. Moreover, it is directly connected with congress centre.

The main concept for interior design is insertion of daylight inside the building and views. Entrance lobby is design as an open space with river view, hotel corridors in all the levels get light from several skylights and all the rooms and apartments have open terrace with spectacular views. In summer the restaurant can be totally open and tables can be extended on wooden pier till the river side. Connecting all the activities with the nature is the main advantage of this complex that will attracts many people.

Hotel Complex Bihanacankar