City Tower Ljubljana

Project     City Tower Ljubljana
Content   Mixed use with Urban Gardens
Type         International competition-honorable mention
Location  Bavarski dvor Ljubljana – Slovenia
Authors   Ana Cankar, Miha Novak, AHAsociados, Studio 360
Year         2008

We understand city as a political form, a space of confrontation and action among people. The site specific geometry of adjacent buildings is revealing its hidden principle of duality in a sense of forming the composition with interplay of empty and built up spaces. For achieving the accurate scale for the new building the tower splits, so the duality can develop in the aesthetic formalisation of the towers skin where two volumes meet with base on the ground. The main idea is shown in volumetric composition as in the envelope conception.

Since it is situated next to the crossing with the future new train station, the over flux of people will be inevitable. Therefore the design of ground floor has to follow principles of mobility that are combined with duality between open and built up space. Composition of islands in form of sunken plazas and urban gardens are directing people flows through the building enabling livelier atmosphere inside. People flows are directly taken under elevated base and transported to the bank branch office up with diagonal escalators. At the apex the panoramic terrace restaurant is positioned with its sky-bar.

Facade pattern is taking gradating scenery of Alps in background landscape as an initial design principle. This gradating pattern intensifies on levels higher than surrounding buildings. With this action façade pattern is not generically reproduced. Since future client is not known the façade with its full and empty formalisation is able to respond to multiple future usage scenarios. With its openings has capacity of accommodating office spaces, restaurant or villa apartments. The facade system shows its capacities towards city ecologies. Each window raster has internal chamber for air circulation which is computer controlled. Microclimatic air conditions can be achieved for particular office individually. With this system, building also saves costs for cooling and heating. Sun radiation is so controlled, but not the views. External shadings are equally mirroring natural light on the ceiling inside producing light, illuminated space till the core.

City Tower Ljubljanaanacankar