Eles Business complex

Project     Eles Business complex
Content    Electrical Distribution Centre
Type         International competition – 2nd prize
Location  Dol pri Ljubljani – Slovenia
Authors    Ana Cankar, Miha Novak, AHAsociados
Year         2010

The proposal for the electrical distribution centre investigates premises to achieve a connection between rural suburbs and the electrical hub, so they can be integrated in the environment. Landscape identity is embedded into the overall image of the complex. The building volumes are using the maximum permitted space while observing the zoning restrictions and reinforcing the phasing. The project is build up on basic premises that configure its shape and essence: functionality, high quality working spaces, energy efficiency, sustainability, maintenance and security.

The design proposal reflects in a very clear manner the way it blends into the landscape outline and creating a corporate image of ELES Company. These pitched planes also serve as an adequate angle for solar energy uptake, they prevent snow stacking and letting northern light inside spaces, the most adequate for workspace illumination. The facade pattern is developed as printed photovoltaic modules directly on the glazed facade. They have the ability to produce electricity during the day while simultaneously are shading the interior. Photovoltaic panels that are applied on pitched roof areas can achieve high production of solar power.

The proposal includes three main programs: a maintenance area with industrial character, an operations area in which the control centre is located and future expansion (phase B) which will be used for offices. They are situated on 15.000 m2 big plot according to their optimal position for functioning or orientation. The control centre, the most important place in the building, characterizes the building. As a light box, it shows forward the facade indicating the entrance point and masters part of the lobby hall. Due to the development will be built in stages the design and future construction ensures the non-stop operational dynamic.

The building shape encloses a great social garden where common spaces of floor plan and basement meet. Thus, exterior landscape becomes part of the common area, creating a space for recreation and leisure for workers. As well, the garden view from inside the offices gives working spaces a great illumination, becoming a nice place to work.

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