Europan 12 Barcelona

Project     Europan 12 – Adaptable City
Content    Active Urbanity
Type         International competition
Location  Barcelona – Spain
Authors    Ana Cankar
Year         2013

The essential component of active urbanity is time. Incorporating the dimension of time into urban fabric results a dynamic system of temporal interactions. The main priority of urban structure becomes its temporal occupation of space. By establishing various scenarios, rather than trying to design fix solutions, make the space open for modifications and changes over time. Therefore, the proposal is based on adaptable system of self-organization. It is an elastic urban composition that enables simulation of development process and sustainable living inside timeframes.

Study area is part of networked territory with cross-section of two Rondas and on-going Sagrera Park covering former railway tracks. Traffic networks caused dislocation of suburbs and consequently undefined places in-between. The aim is to make these empty spaces active again. The concept proposes incorporation of urban gardens as temporal activity that can be re-located around the city. Established by local conditions and working with dynamic mapping system, gardens stimulate urban intensity and provide different experience of social connections between suburbs.

The proposal of project generates all the layers that make the area part of active urbanity, from small basic unit to urban planning and energy solutions. One basic unit of essential housing can be modified for various users. By adding rooms, essential flat is able to change into social flat or free market flat. Based on the demand for new homes, the housing is adaptable to real estate market and social enquiries. Furthermore, one unit can be easily transformed to retirement home, office space or hotel rooms. Combining different units we get flexibly shaped and optional situated urban composition.

The solution for energy self-sufficient habitat is based on use of renewable sources. Heating and cooling with solar energy is an efficient solution due to Barcelona hot climate. Solar collectors are located on inclined roofs and are used for hot water and floor heating. A reverse system can be applied to air conditioner in summer time. Solar panels are used for the electricity of common areas and public lightning. In case of energy overflow, the energy is kept inside solar storage tanks or it is automatically exchanged between the urban blocks. Water management is another renewable system. Each building has two vertical water reserves that are collecting raining water from the inclined roofs. This water can be used for cleaning streets, filling fountains or watering urban gardens and trees.

Europan 12 Barcelonaanacankar