Eixample Barcelona

Project     Eixample Barcelona
Content   Urban Intensity
Type         IAAC Barcelona – master study
Location  Barcelona – Spain
Authors   Ana Cankar and IAAC team
Year         2006

We were testing how the increase of population will affect Eixample superblock that is known as a prototype of urbanity. Originally proposed by Cerda, Eixample superblock contains 9 square blocks surrounded with streets. The density of the settlements is determinate by the extension of mobility, meaning that they are controlled by mobility. In metropolitan areas, in order to increase the population and to keep the existing level of density, increase of building height is required. The question is how to increase population without increasing density and mobility?

The solution is: settlements controlled by urban intensity. That means integration of new level (platform) of urban activities in between the superblock. Now all the activities with commercial are concentrated in the perimeter of the superblock and inside is full of stagnancy. Additional platform would provide that activities could develop inside the superblock. In case of increasing population the project proposes new housing development in the intersection of each block rather than to increase high of the buildings. The new platform would serve as a social connection of the new housing and as additional public space.

Eixample Barcelonaanacankar