Kindergarten Brežice

Project     Kindergarten Brežice
Content   Low-energy and Modular Kindergarten
Type         Public competition
Location  Brežice – Slovenia
Authors   Ana Cankar
Year          2010

The position of new kindergarten in the site depends on various factors: optimal sun insolation, rational land use, safety regulations, short communication paths, strict functional organisation, low cost and modular construction, low energy solutions, fast realisation. The proposal takes in account all these requirements and upgrades them with contemporary design for children. The main idea is to bring colourful light inside the playing rooms. Due to multi-coloured skylights the daylight creates diverse ambient depending on a sunny or cloudy day.The building is made from pre-fabricated wood fibers that are composed into modular units. The advantage of modular construction is: quick and low cost development with standardization of the process, good thermal and acoustic insulation, phase shift of temperature, diffuse resistant and air permeable structure, good earthquake safety and fire-resistance, custom applications of units as required.

The central common area is made from steel construction and glass that can be fully open. Joining the outside playground with the entrance platform enables realization of bigger events. Due to assembly of modular units the design is orthogonal and rational. Thus, the character is reached with playful façade gradation and colourful skylights that create various ambient. The same idea is applied to exterior playground with thematic flower islands that are adjusted for each children age group.The design of low energy kindergarten is reflected in the orientation of the play rooms to the south – passive heating, covering roof with greenery to prevent overheating, use of natural materials such as wood fibers that can be recycled and use of renewable energy sources like photovoltaic cells.

Kindergarten Brežiceanacankar