Monastery Sostro

Project     Monastery Sostro
Content   Inverted Monastery for Minorite Order
Type         Invited competition – 1st prize
Location  Sostro – Slovenia
Authors   Ana Cankar, Miha Novak, Primož Roškar
Year         2010

The classical cloister layout with square shape and inside patio is the base for the new monastery formation. The arcade corridor represents a core and serves as a main communication path. Rooms around are distributed in a specified sequence, enabling easy organization. The proposal converts this classical layout into a new principle. The inside garden becomes an interior multifunctional hall, the arcade gallery transforms into contemporary design and the strict room order is now based on rubik’s cube with flexible space rotation. Thus, the new cloister is called inverted monastery.The classical design is also applied on the new façade that is simple in form. Window openings serve only for a functional purpose, with optimal size. The roof with skylights is following the same order as facades. With leaning shapes the skylights absorb a large amount of light to illuminate the interior hall. The main façade is a result of interior design where a chapel is placed. Small oval holes, that enable the rays of light to enter inside the chapel, create a spiritual atmosphere.

The main entrance indicates a slow transition from outer space to inner hall with curved and gradient staircases for various events.The most representative part of the new monastery is metallic graphic that symbolise fragments of the Christ life. It serves as a veil which partly hides the upper corridors from the atrium views. Due to this unique ‘curtain’ the cloister gets high artistic value and rooms keep their privacy. Dining room is designed after the Last Supper with narrow and long table, allowing everyone to sit together. For major events it can completely open and connects with auditorium.

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