Primary School Kamnik

Project     Primary School Kamnik
Content   2 Schools with Public Square
Type         Public Competition
Location  Kamnik – Slovenia
Authors   Ana Cankar, B.Bezjak, A.Begulić, P. Slanič, D.D.Radić, D. Hosta, Š. Šček
Year         2008

The competition aim is to replace two existing elementary schools with new ones and to design common areas for students. Our idea is to connect this areas with the old town and leave it open for the public. Thus, the school square replaces missing urban piece of the city. The outline is defined by running track that is curved in a pear shape. Inside, sport fields for ball games are inserted. Two new schools are placed on each side. Due to the development will be built in stages the design ensures the non-stop study dynamic.

The school layout is based on daylight illumination. The classrooms are orientated on north where the light is the most adequate for studding. The new buildings are designed as a combination of two transverse strips with classrooms and one longitudinal connecting strip. The last one includes main hall with amphitheatre staircases, library and common places. With transparent glass it creates a dialogue between the inner and outer space. The façade pattern made from perforated stainless steel is developed as a white mash with squares which are showing colourful background. At the same time it’s protecting form the direct sun radiation.

Primary School Kamnikanacankar