Market Ljubljana

Project      Market Ljubljana 1
Content    Vodnik and Pogačar Square
Type          Public Competition
Location   Ljubljana – Slovenia
Authors    Ana Cankar, M.Granda, T. in D. Stupar
Year          2008.

The market location has a significant position next to a blind façade of Mahrova house which used to lean on medieval city wall. In order to keep this memory our proposal separates the existing house from new extension as a main connection path. The new attached building, made from rusty iron, symbolise medieval wall texture that is illuminated during the night. Inside the new palace you can find an interior market and various shops. The main square is furnished with new multifunctional stands designed from iron. Compact stands form spatial pattern that characterise the market space.

Below the square a three level parking garage is incorporated. The garage is, in all the levels, connected with interior market which gets natural light through skylights. Skylights enable visual contact with the exterior. The advantage of underground market location is direct service and delivery connection and the ground floor permeability. Inside the existing house we propose info centre with cafeteria that opens to atrium and exterior market place. In order to represent historical significant of the place and at the same time to leave it open we recommend rusty iron material in combination with translucent glass. The main concept for the whole competition area transformation is based on overlapping various ambient. Streets become a part of market area and public squares are interpolated inside the buildings. The present tree becomes again a central point and meeting place for the citizens.

Market Ljubljanaanacankar