Sport Hall Novo Mesto

Project     Sport Hall Novo Mesto
Content   Sport Hall as Topographic Volume
Type         Public Competition – honorable mention
Location  Novo mesto – Slovenia
Authors   Ana Cankar, B.Bezjak, A.Begulić, P.Slanič, D.D.Radić, D. Hosta, Š. Šček
Year         2008

The location is part of Stopice town that does not have a public plaza for events and meeting people. Therefore, the new sport hall with surrounding is designed as a supplement for public space. To place such a big volume in-between school and church is not an easy task. Due to valley position we situated new gym in the lowest point in order to keep the church as a dominant. Moreover, in this way the underground connection to the school is the shortest one. In front the gym a large square with natural tribune is proposed.

Due to dynamic terrain the gym roof follows the local landscape scenery. Bended in form it allows entering defuse daylight from the north. The roof construction is made from iron beams that are adjusting to various roof slopes. Final layer represents isolated metallic panels that imitate rusty iron which colour merges with the surrounding. Roof belts that bend over entrance façade function as sun screens. The roof panels are perforated from inside in order to improve the absorption of sound. Thanks to the hall sliding windows the interior platform can be expended to the outside square for bigger events.

Sport Hall Novo Mestoanacankar