Old Town Ljubljana

Project      Market Ljubljana 2
Content    Petkovšek riverside and Krekov Square
Type          Public Competition
Location   Ljubljana – Slovenia
Authors    Ana Cankar, M. Granda, T. & D. Stupar
Year          2008

The first location is Petkovskovo riverside. The potentials of Ljubljanica riverside are not used in all the aspects. The aim is to reactivate the street area and to connect it with market place. Therefore, besides arranging river shore the proposal incorporates new activation programmes, such as hotel, restaurants and small boat harbour. In the position where new bridge is predicted, a street area expends into an elliptic shaped square with fountain. Furthermore, the street level opens to the riverside with amphitheatric stairs where people can chill out and take a sunbath.

The second location, Krekov square, is situated in front of children puppet theatre and at the present it’s occupied with parking cars. In the middle stands a fountain. After removing the cars our proposal suggests minimal interventions with new pavement that frames existing fountain. Due to children zone urban furniture is shaped in funny forms. Modular fence is used for various events in order to protect children from the street area. Urban lights reflect colourful light with option to display calendar of events for the puppet theatre.

Old Town Ljubljanaanacankar