Water Channel

Project     Water Channel Fazan
Content   Urban Promenade along the Channel
Type         Invited competition
Location  Lucija – Slovenia
Authors   Ana Cankar, M. Granda, Adria Domus
Year         2007

The water channel Fazan was part of former infrastructure for saline fields. The task is to reactivate 349 metre long channel and to connect both sides with a pedestrian path and urban furniture. The proposal is based on bamboo plant which is growing next to the channel. Its texture reflects at all levels of design, from conceptual idea, pedestrian paths and bridges, till urban design. The assignment aim is also to put in place dislocated church of St. Lucija that used to be main accent in space. Today it is surrounded with block of flats and without a square in front.

Thus, the church space is expended through the water channel as a public square and connected with the market area on the other side. Market is composed from prefabricated modular stands in shape of cylinder. Circular volumes that represent bamboo are used in the entire concept. Therefore, new pedestrian paths, bridges, fences and lights are composed from rusty iron tubes. Inside the tubes lights are incorporated. This material is simple in form, highly rigid, weather resistant and low cost. The urban furniture instead of iron uses wood tubing.

Water Channelanacankar