Europan 14 Graz

Project     Europan 14 – Interactive Production
Content   Urban development
Type         International competition
Location  Graz – Austria
Authors   Ana Cankar
Year         2017

The essential component of interactive production is open market event. Incorporating market activities into urban fabric results a dynamic system of interactions between production and people. Production activities need to organize various events during the year where they can promote their products or they can propose different activities, like Open House, Open Shop or Open Kitchen. Food shops can do degustation’s by inviting different restaurants to cook international meals, botanic garden can be every afternoon open for public as urban park. By opening their doors to general public stimulate that the production becomes part of the city.

Markets are the most social events that city can offer and they are the best commercial itself. They can attract many people and consequently increase the production. Therefore, access roads won’t need any more big billboards and panels to sign the shops. Due to temporal occupation of urban space the street identity is changing over the time and this can create unique vision for access roads. In order to organize open events we inserted various public squares along the street. They contain modular pavement blocks with source for water and electricity where movable stands can be connected. Each block also includes a light which power is produced by solar cells placed on the building roofs.

The main idea of our mobility concept is that the transformation of the street can start right now. The proposal is based on property pattern that is shaping urban design over different periods of time. There are three phases. Since the future street profile gives priority to soft mobility, bike lane is placed in the middle for fluid and quick connection. In between two rows we propose so called social path that will improve the connection with the existing housing.

Separate plots can be built independently and presented as a pilot project. Each plot is including all the necessary elements that enable its function independently. The project it can be developed by stages and modified according to the specific situations and future demands. By establishing various adaptable scenarios, rather than trying to design fix solutions, make the space open for modifications and changes over time. Ground floor of each building has open layout that permits multi-functional use. Due to space size form S to XXL various possible investors are proposed, from services to production activities.

Europan 14 Grazana