Housing Divaca

Project     Housing in Divača
Content   Housing in Karst Landscape
Type         Private commission-construction project
Location  Divača – Slovenia
Authors   Ana Cankar, Miha Novak
Year         2008

Generally, there are only two available housing options: block, as unpopular type of collective housing in the cities and family house with garden, as the most desirable form of living in the suburbs. Housing in Divača is low and dense settlement with semi-intermediate spaces and vertical platform as a central public space. It represents the alternative that offers the possibility of individual housing conditions in the collective environment. The street that is passing below the neighbourhood offer axes to underground garage and provide plaza with playground above.

50 new housing units are predicted on the 5.500 m2 big plot with height from 2 to 3 floors. Individuality is reached with private outdoor yards, open indoor gardens, large terraces and various flat orientations. Square meters of the flats vary from 40 to 160 but they can be easily transformed for occupants needs. Elevators that connect underground garage with other floors enable five flats for the people with special needs.

Housing Divacaanacankar