Housing Vransko

Project     Housing in Vransko
Content    Villa Apartments with Pavilions
Type         Private commission-realisation
Location  Vransko – Slovenia
Authors   Ana Cankar, Miha Novak
Year         2018-2019

The plot of 6.500 m2 includes 49 flats which are grouped into five villa blocks. The urban pattern of new housing allows permeability of the space and provides connection with existing neighbourhood. In-between spaces are used as public areas for social integration and resident’s outdoor activities. The quality of exterior space is extended to the riverside urban park which gives an additional value. Each housing unit also contains front yard garden, terrace and glass pavilion. Moreover, the pavilions function as a living space extension.

The architectural design is focused in housing typology that can be adapted to current social trends of living. All flats are attached to common glazed staircases which enable easy customization by adding rooms or connecting two flats together. Additionally, they have two-sided widow orientation with mountains view. Due to high standard interior and exterior space with rational size of square meters, flats can be successfully sold in the real-estate market.

Housing Vranskoanacankar