Palace Evropa

Project     Palace Evropa
Content    Roof transformation
Type          Private commission – in process
Location   Ljubljana – Slovenia
Authors    Ana Cankar
Year          2011-2014

Palace Evropa was built in 1869 by architect Carl Tietz and is under heritage protection. Originally, the building had three additional towers on the roof with balustrade fence. Unfortunately, they were demolished in an earthquake. After various renovations, the investor aim is to reconstruct the existing roof by the original plans and re-establish building noble image from the past. Additionally, the interior attic space is renovated for residential purpose with 16 new flats allocated in 1546 m2. All of them are connected with new glass elevators thoughtfully integrated in the historical staircases.

The challenge is how to incorporate housing units with windows among the existing wood roof construction without changing their sequence. Due to heritage guidelines, the windows facing the street side can not be visible by pedestrians so roof windows are incorporated. On the other side, the backyard flats are getting daylight through attic windows. The most representative flats are located inside new towers with amazing terrace on the top.

Palace Evropaanacankar